Thursday, August 19, 2010
I love religions. They at the same time can motivate people to do a lot of good deeds while they may wake the inner monkey and let him go berserk. Now, in Warsaw, after the tragic death of the President, a cross was erected to his memory. Cross, Catholism, Pope, Poland... these things tend to match. However, now this cross caused some protests, and, among the protestors there were some Pastafarians.

Who? Pastafarism is a very archaic religion worshipping Durum and Mince in their purest form - that is - as a flying spaghetti monster (with meatballs).Spaghetti Monster, according to their views, created the world and... flies around? I don't actually know (thus the previous "according to their views" was very accurate statement), but surely, a flying spaghetti monster is the ultimate proof of evolution: you leave it in a kettle for a day or two, and you may actually see his sauciness evolving into various kinds of funghi.

But why pastafarians were against the cross? No idea, perhaps they just had some spare pasta to give away?

Link to an article on protests, unfortunately in Polish (more you can google).


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