Thursday, May 27, 2010
Again, it is here, the neighbor voting competition. One horrible song after another, badly written speeches --- and in the end it is even better humor than Nasha Russia!
The first semifinal was full of great surprises, and I liked the fact that this year quite a few countries did perform at least to some extent using their language. The voting result was the most exciting, and seems like the whole Europe just loves the Eastern European sound. Or then the people in these regions are more nationalistic (meaning: their citizens vote from abroad or via skype), or the west just does not care...
Anyway, that does not really matter! Today, at ... whatever PM, the first performer of the show will be InCulto from Lithuania. The band will play a song called East European Funk, which should - if the Europe really loves the East as much as on Tuesday - go to the finals. Sure, the song is not anyhow Eastern in sound, and the guys are easy to imagine wearing a sombrero while playing (or then I am just sick) - still, the simple, political and yet somehow funny song may be just about what you should have seen coming.
Finland was about to send Eläkeläiset, but it seems Lithuania sent the only real humor band - unless that Serbian guy is not counted as such (and I saw also a lot of humor in the Polish show, but it might be just me).
Thus, where ever you are, vote for the band that marginally lost to "Vote for the Winners" gig in 2005.
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Nordic Walking, the Finnish invention from Vierumäen Urheiluopisto and later commercialized by Exel, has been rather slowly spreading in the Eastern Europe. For sure, it looks ridiculous, like demented people skiing during the summer, but the health impact in undeniable - as is with any regular excercise.

Today, the Finnish Ambassador - whose name I cannot remember - was in the morning news show marketing the sports.She emphasized greatly the research behind this sports, the health effects and the popularity. Below, a few claims she made:

1 million Finns do nordic walking
Nordic Walking is called Nordic Walking because it is not called Finnish Walking
Some people in Finland nordic walk to work, where they dress to their suits
She used to play tennis and run - until doctor recommended nordic walking

She also donated the host a pair of walking sticks wrapped in cellophane (and thus making quite a squeek while being opened) and advertised the embassy's event today, where people will be instructed on the sport. Over 100 people had already accepted the invitation!
Well, good luck.
Thursday, May 13, 2010
Last weekend, it took place: Gay Pride Vilnius 2010.
The marketing of the event was wide: all the carneval pictures from theGerman parade were shown in TV, and of course people were given an image that it would be exactly like this also here. The resistance became stronger.
The anti-rainbow league began to from: right wing politicians, church, facists and those boys who just are looking for trouble decided to defend the decency of their home country. They did not see it in the way that two men loving each other would mean more women for the rest of the men - no! These gays walking in the capital were foreign conquerors who wanted to change the structure of the society! In Lithuania, women are either sexual objects or the "people who cook and clean", and gay might mix this up: there would be suddenly drinking women driving sportscars and men washing the dishes. That would be totally unacceptable.
Then the D-Day is approaching, and as a very straight and considerate man, the general prosecutor decided the void the permit for the march. He is joined by the vice-mayor of Kaunas, who just cannot explain to his kids, what two men do in bed. In other countries, he would be crying for the responsibility of the educative system to teach the kids, but not here - here, children are not allowed to hear a word on gay people in schools - that is, if I am not totally wrong, banned by a law. A few discussion shows later, the Gay Pride will still take its place.
From early morning, the anti-rainbow league has been collecting its troops, and they are heading to Vilnius. Due to bad earlier experience, some of the Kaunas extremists decide to take minibuses and use minor roads - that was perhaps smart, because the police was waiting for them on the highway. The morning in Vilnius begins with a prayer, where Monsignor and other people not tolerating such non-catholic act pray for God to cure the gays of their disease. It must have been the flu season.
Tension builds up. Police, armed from toes to teeth take their places and start the Segway patrolling of the area. People line up behind the metal fences, and then the first egg flies. The opposers are about to fight among themselves. However, some of them separate their leaders - the men have forgotten that this is exactly what those invaders want! They must keep strong and straight to oppose the real threat for their unity.
The march begins. Around 100 people dressed blatantly normally are walking with a few banderolls and a big rainbow flag. The 20000 people opposing this march are waiting them on the other side of the bridge.
Then it happens: A group of the boys who just are looking for trouble decided to break the fence. This stopped the parade and froze the development. Also, a politician runs through the fence and ends up in a fight with a police officer. Lithuanians have shown that the spirit of independence still flows strong in their veins and they truly can fight the oppressors and oppose the officials if it is for the good of the country.
The parade turns. The Lithuanians have won! Liberality and Equality have been crushed like an enemy of the society should be! But at what price the victory came? All those police and people buying bus tickets to gather to Vilnius, not to mention that openly gay people were actually let to step on the Fathers' Land. Also, it showed how un united the country is: the mayor of Vilnius is again showing that the true leaders of the people live in Kaunas - also, there were politicians in support of the occupation.
 It will take centuries to erase the horrors of this day from the mind of the nation.

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