Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Nordic Walking, the Finnish invention from Vierumäen Urheiluopisto and later commercialized by Exel, has been rather slowly spreading in the Eastern Europe. For sure, it looks ridiculous, like demented people skiing during the summer, but the health impact in undeniable - as is with any regular excercise.

Today, the Finnish Ambassador - whose name I cannot remember - was in the morning news show marketing the sports.She emphasized greatly the research behind this sports, the health effects and the popularity. Below, a few claims she made:

1 million Finns do nordic walking
Nordic Walking is called Nordic Walking because it is not called Finnish Walking
Some people in Finland nordic walk to work, where they dress to their suits
She used to play tennis and run - until doctor recommended nordic walking

She also donated the host a pair of walking sticks wrapped in cellophane (and thus making quite a squeek while being opened) and advertised the embassy's event today, where people will be instructed on the sport. Over 100 people had already accepted the invitation!
Well, good luck.


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