Monday, April 26, 2010
Just returned from Finland, and have again a lot to tell. Surely, plenty has happened, from the death of a murderer who became modern Joan D'Arc to a less restrictive law on double nationality being planned.

However, I thought today to write a bit on service, that is, I will nag.
Yesterday, a nice day that is was with a temperature close to +15, I went for a walk with my wife, and we ended up to the idea of having a simple piquenique. Well, not to make it anyhow too complicated, it was supposed to mean some oh so greasy KFC hamburger meals. Thus, we walk all the way to the closest restaurant, and give our order.
The whole day had been quite funny, as in nothing works the way it is supposed to, and the same trend continued. When I am offering my credit card, the cashier apologized that she in fact did just hit the cash payment button. First of all, it took quite a long time to get what she wanted to tell me, and finally when i got it, she was asking if I would have any cash. I checked, and found 3 litas, total we has 23 - and the order was for 30. I ask whether the order could then be changed, and she says, no it is not possible, and tells that the closest ATM is downstairs ( the restaurant is on 3rd floor of a mall). Well, that unfortunately was not my ATM, and I ask once more (hmmm... or did I? I guess I did) that whether it would be possible to anyhow pay by the card. No it was not, so the whole situation turns to the point that we cancel the order.
Wait a second. Cancelling the order was possible! And if cancelling the order is possible, then how could it be impossible to cancel the order and the remake it? Ahh... sometimes things just do not work out the way you expect they would.
Thus, we did what every respectable Finn would do in the situation: we headed to Hesburger for Garlic Burgers and to R-Kiosk for some Pepsi.
The whole day ended nicely when while walking home, we encountered some street players. "Would you like to support musicians?" the boy with a cannabis-figured scarf asked? "No", I answered. Later, I regretted. I should have said "Yes", and continue walking. That should have caused some confusion.


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