Tuesday, January 19, 2010
A great new age is about to begin!

Hereby, we, the great omnipotent correspondent of the east shores of Baltic Sea, pronounce this blog as open. Surely, the development should soon take towards an integrated web page with more content, but the mismanagement of the EU funds has left us short of website development subsidy, and we can surely say that the evil forces of our sworn enemas are behind this all! We curse thee!

However, it is not a moment for panic yet. We shall return to glory, and make our name known! We shall be misunderstood many times during this process, but in the end, not even the glory of King Roman II will outshine our noble mission!

Thus, let's all hail the Baltics, denounce the denouncers, and oppress the oppressors!

And now, back to work...


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